Cabinet approves new solar energy scheme for farmers


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The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday affirmed the dispatch of Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan with the target of giving money related and water security to agriculturists.

The proposed plan comprises of three segments. Every one of the three parts joined, the plan means to include a sunlight based limit of 25,750 MW by 2022, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.

The absolute focal money related help gave under the plan would be Rs 34,422 crore, he included. Segment An is 10,000 MW of decentralized ground mounted framework associated sustainable power plants, Component-B is establishment of 17.50 lakh independent sunlight based fueled horticulture siphons and Component-C is solarisation of 10 lakh matrix associated sun powered controlled agribusiness siphons.

The Component-An and Component-C will be executed on pilot mode for 1000 MW limit and one lakh lattice associated horticulture siphons individually and from that point, will be scaled-up on the accomplishment of the pilot run. Segment B will be actualized in undeniable way.

Under Component A, sustainable power plants of limit 500 KW to 2 MW will be set up by individual ranchers/cooperatives/panchayats/agriculturist maker associations on their desolate or cultivable terrains.

The power created will be acquired by the Discoms in taxes controlled by particular state power administrative commission. The plan will open a steady and ceaseless wellspring of pay to the rustic land proprietors. Execution based motivating forces, at the rate of Rs 0.40 per unit for a long time, will be given to Discoms.

Under Component B, singular ranchers will be bolstered to introduce independent sunlight based siphons of limit up to 7.5 HP. Sun based PV limit in kW equivalent to the siphon limit in HP is permitted under the plan.

Under Component C of the plan, singular ranchers will be bolstered to solarise siphons of limit up to 7.5 HP. Sun oriented PV limit up to multiple times of siphon limit in kW is permitted under the plan.

The agriculturists will almost certainly utilize the created vitality to meet their water system needs and the overabundance accessible vitality will be sold to Discoms. This will make a road for additional salary to the agriculturists.

The Scheme will have considerable natural effect as far as investment funds of CO2 outflows.

Every one of the three parts of the Scheme consolidated together are probably going to bring about sparing of around 27 million tons of CO2 emanation per annum, an official discharge said.

The Component-B of the Scheme on independent sun powered siphons may bring about sparing of 1.2 billion liters of diesel for every annum and related funds in the outside trade because of decrease of import of unrefined petroleum.

Also, the proposition is probably going to produce business opportunity proportional to 6.31 lakh work a long time for talented and untalented specialists, it said.


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