EV Push: Finance Ministry Asks Govt Departments To Lease Electric Vehicles


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Government is right now pursuing the objective of 30% of the electric vehicles on street by 2030

Interest for vehicles has been on the ascent in government divisions

In September 2017, the government provided a notice to rent 10,000 electric vehicles

Pursuing the objective of achieving 30% of the electric vehicles on street by 2030, the fund service has allegedly asked all the administration divisions to change over from conventional fuel to green fuel. The service has requested that the offices think about electric vehicles as a first decision while procuring autos for authorities in the capital.

In the previous couple of years, there has been watched an ascent in the interest of autos, as even low-positioning officers have been given individual vehicles. Likewise, so as to keep up the labor and to chop down the costs, the administration offices have begun taking the vehicles on rent as opposed to buying aside from the first class pastors and best positioning authorities.

Prior in September 2017, the government provided a notice to rent 10,000 electric vehicles from open part Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), which thus should obtain these vehicles from Tata Motors Limited. The organization was chosen through universal focused offering went for expanded investment.

Goodbye Motors won the delicate and should supply the Electric Vehicles (EVs) in two stages – initial 500 e-autos will be provided to EESL in November 2017 and the rest 9,500 EVs will be conveyed in the second stage.

Power Ministry To Provide Electric Vehicles To Several Union Government Departments

In February 2018, reports surfaced that EESL is set to glide another delicate of 10000 electric vehicles to be sent the nation over for government use. Be that as it may, this task is yet to take off thus far there has been no updates upon the quantity of electric vehicles conveyed as a major aspect of this program.

Additionally, under the proposed draft electric vehicles strategy, the administration is currently hoping to use GeM (the administration e-commercial center) to total all green vehicle orders from government divisions to empower mass acquisition. The GeM has effectively recorded e-vehicle as another item on its entrance that dealers can list.

Jewel was established in August 2016 as a Section 8 organization to encourage the online buy of products and enterprises for the representatives of Central Government services and divisions. It as of late finished two years asserting over $1.45 Bn (INR 10,000 Cr) in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) through more than $8.96 K (INR 6.16 Lacs) exchanges on the stage.

So as to accelerate the electric vehicle reception the nation over, the legislature is making various strides. Most recently,it expanded the expense for the main period of Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME) plan to $126.74 Mn (INR 895 Cr). The legislature is likewise seeking offer endowments for all the electric vehicles under FAME II.

In accordance with the focal government’s objective, the Delhi government additionally declared ‘The Draft Delhi EV Policy 2018’, to accelerate the reception of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). The arrangement expects to make 25% of all vehicles to be EVs by 2023.

All stated, the inquiry here is – Are these endeavors having any effect? The postponements in setting up the charging foundations, and in addition the absence of rules is making it extreme for the players – both nearby and unfamiliar to work in the electric vehicle fragment. For the most part bikes have possessed the capacity to make it to business activities while there is far ahead for the four-wheeled vehicles.


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