GoAir cancels flight after bird damages engine, loses of Rs 5 crore


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GoAir flight flying to Port Blair from Kolkata needed to come back to the air terminal after a bird strike left the plane’s engine damaged on Thursday morning.


With 160 travelers locally available, GoAir flight G8-101 was taking off around 8:30 am however was requested to return to the airplane terminal after the pilot experienced overwhelming vibrations in the right engine during lift-off.

The pilot watched that the vibrations had crossed its edge level. After the pilot did not send a call sign, aviation authority reached him for confirmation. After the pilot informed them about the vibrations, the plane was gotten back to the airplane terminal

At the air traffic control, authorities presumed that something wasn’t right on the trip as the chief had not yet announced the call sign by which the aircraft is identified on the radar screen

The engineers revealed that the bird had damaged six motor blades. The flight was ultimately cancelled.The damage cost is required to be around Rs 5 crore.


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