Government to sell Air India`s ground handling subsidiary


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The Central government has chosen to go in for a key disinvestment of Air India’s ground taking care of backup to halfway resign the national traveler bearer’s gathered obligation.

In like manner, a between pastoral board, Air India Specific Alternate Mechanism, settled on Tuesday to strip the administration’s 100 percent stake in Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL).

The choice was taken after the board which is going by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley met here. It expect criticalness as the sum raised from the divestment of AIATSL will be utilized to resign a portion of the amassed obligation of Air India.

A senior government official said the vital disinvestment of ground dealing with backup AIATSL will be done after the ground taking care of unit is exchanged to a SPV (uncommon reason vehicle).

The authority told correspondents that the EoI (Expression of Interest) report will at that point be issued.

Prior, the between pastoral board had chosen to resuscitate the national traveler transporter by offer of land and different resources and to offload its obligation to a SPV which has just been fused.

The firm – AIATSL – gives ground taking care of administration at the greater part of the airplane terminals in India. It was operationalised in February 2013.


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