Govt To Give Special Benefits to Honest and Consistent Taxpayers; Policy in Works


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The legislature is dealing with an aspiring strategy proposition to “encourage” genuine and reliable citizens in profiting an assortment of open administrations and assessment related chips away at need, authorities said on Sunday.

They said that a council under the Central Board of Direct Taxes, the arrangement making body for the Income Tax Department (ITD), is attempting to chalk out the expansive parameters for expanding such “cordialities” and advantages to citizens who settle their government expenses on time and in full.

The proposition will be verified by the Finance Ministry and sent for definite endorsement to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) before it is cleared by the Union bureau.

A bureau note to upgrade the yield of the Central Processing Center (CPC) of the division in Bengaluru has just been arranged and sent.

The limit and robotization of the CPC, the vault of citizen’s information and their IT Returns (ITRs), is proposed to be improved so discounts can be issued ongoing and ITRs of little citizens (with single wellspring of wage) can be handled inside hours and not days, as predominant at present, they said.

As a major aspect of the bigger arrangement, they stated, it is recommended that legitimate citizens are enabled to get “need benefit” while utilizing open administrations at airplane terminals, railroads stations and at tolls on thruways.

Head administrator Narendra Modi, amid a meeting with senior duty officers a year ago, had encouraged the division to improve citizen benefits and guarantee that legit citizen are given due significance.

It is recommended that citizens who have been reliably making good on their regulatory expenses or even simply documenting their profits can be facilitated at municipal gatherings held by unmistakable government functionaries and are regarded openly, they said.

A novel character number could be given to such citizens or their lasting record number (PAN) could be hailed as unique as a major aspect of this lady citizen assistance proposition, they included.

Barely any years back, the CBDT had begun a procedure by which constant citizens were sent thank you or thankfulness notes over email under the name of the CBDT Chairman.

It is proposed to take this activity forward and the CBDT board of trustees is dealing with it, a senior authority in the back service said. The panel of senior officers of the CBDT and the IT Department will before long present its answer to the board, they said.

It is additionally being idea to completely dispatch bother free electronic evaluation of constant citizens as a major aspect of the new proposition, they included.

The CBDT is now attempting to introduce a super arrangement where a citizen can be evaluated electronically in any piece of the nation, as a component of its measures to lessen protestations of provocation and debasement in rendering these administrations.

At present, a citizen is evaluated by an IT officer situated in the city where the individual acquires their pay.

“These new proposition could well be propelled before the current year’s over,” a senior authority said.

There are around 8 crore wage citizens in the nation at present and the CBDT has educated the taxman to add 1.25 crore to this count before the finish of the current monetary year in March one year from now.


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