Govt To Issue A Rs 20 Coin For The First Time Ever


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In a Gazette, the Ministry of Finance said that it will reveal a Rs 20 coin in the state of a 12-edged polygon. This is the first run through ever a Rs 20 coin will be issued in the nation.

The warning was concerning the new institutionalization of standards for the stamping of coins called “the Coinage of One Rupee, Two Rupees, Five Rupees, Ten Rupees and Twenty Rupees Rules, 2019.”

As per the notice, the Rs 20 coin will have an outside distance across of 27 mm and will be in the state of a 12-edged polygon. It won’t have any serrations. Its external ring will be nickel silver, while the focal point will be made of nickel metal.

The essence of the coin will bear the Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar with the legend “Satyamev Jayate” (in Devnagri content) engraved beneath, flanked on the left fringe with “Bharat” (in Devnagri content) and on the correct outskirts with “INDIA” in English.

The opposite side will bear denominational esteem “20” in the global numerals. The Rupee image will be appeared over the denominational esteem. The structure of grains portraying the rural predominance of the nation is flanked on the left fringe of the coin. The upper right and base right peripheries will bear “Honey bees Rupiye” in Hindi (in Devnagri content) and “TWENTY RUPEES” in English.

The time of printing in global numerals will be appeared focus of the left fringe of the coin.

A pictorial delineation of the coin was not given.


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