Here are the 4 Things to Consider When Applying for a Business Loan


While the country’s present economy nestles at Rs. 190.5 Lakh Crore, the nation is yet to witness a further boost owing to its steadily evolving sectors of agriculture, industry, services, etc. Maharashtra plays a significant role in this economic boost. The state’s GSDP grew at a CAGR of 11.77%, while the Net State Domestic Product grew at a CAGR of 11.75%. Considering that this state’s capital is also the commercial capital of the nation, its present and potential business development presents immense scope.

Under such promising circumstances, the state has developed into a definite investment hub and hence there is an escalating demand for a business loan in Maharashtra. Taking into account the vast opportunity that the present business scenario presents, reputed lenders provide their borrower-friendly feature-equipped business loans to help organisations flourish further.

Such financial aids cater to the specific trade requirements irrespective of the business genre and come with the high-value loan amount. This sum provides substantial coverage to fund for a business’s growth. The best business credits will help you by providing adequate funding that can be used to –

  • Purchase or lease equipment
  • Renovate the working space
  • Hire seasonal employees
  • Purchase raw materials
  • Expand to another city
  • Upgrade to the latest technologies

Such benefits are reasons why companies apply for a business loan. Borrowers can avail such financial assistance and plan to expand their business without any unnecessary stress on their finances.

Thanks to the competition amongst leading NBFCs, borrowers now have the option to choose from amongst multiple business loans available in the market. Since availing credits is a crucial financial decision. Thus individuals need to compare these options and settle for the one that suits their requirements.

Thus, in case you are a potential borrower planning to avail a business loan in Maharashtra, here are a few things that you need to consider before applying for one –

  1. The required credit amount

While business loans from leading financial institutions can offer up to Rs. 30 Lakh, it is suggested that borrowers apply for the credit amount that they require. Thus, individuals need to plan out their current professional financial requirement first strategically. Borrowing more than required often creates unnecessary stress on a budget of individuals during repayment.

Calculating the sum required to fund a proper infrastructure, marketing, employing skilled staff, etc. helps borrowers develop a proper idea about the required credit amount. Following this, they can apply for the loan amount and avail an instant business loan.

  1. Your CIBIL score

Lenders providing business loans look into the credit score of the individuals since it reflects the repayment capability of the individual. Lenders require their borrowers to have a credit score above 750 to provide the loan amount from such unsecured credits.

Additionally, the importance of your business credit score lies in the fact that a higher credit score assures better financial deals from lenders.

  1. Your monthly income and the current financial obligations

Borrowers must take into account their current financial obligations and their monthly salary while planning to apply for an online business loan. It helps them develop a better understanding of their repayment capabilities. The share of repayments must necessarily stay under 50% of their monthly income.

  1. The lender to approach

Considering the multiple lenders providing loans in the market, borrowers need to decide upon one that offers them with an attractive rate of interest, substantial credit amounts and other beneficial borrower-friendly features.

Availing a business loan can also help you maintain a healthy cash flow in your business, and stock up the inventory. However, do remember to check the required eligibility criteria and keep the essential yet nominal documents handy before applying for a business loan in Maharashtra.


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