IDC reports Apple emerges as leader in Global Tablet Market in Q1


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Apple led the global tablet market with 28.8 percent share in the very first quarter of 2018 as tablet shipments reached 31.7 million – declining 11.7 percent from the exact same quarter last year, the International Data Corporation (IDC) reported on Friday.

Apple was able to ship 9.1 million iPads. Of this, 1.8 million were iPad Pro tablets, making Apple the leader in the detachable market as well.

Samsung with 16.7 percent maintained the next position although the business’s shipments declined 11.4 percent in comparison to last year.

The growing niche of detachable tablets like the Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro did experience a lot more than 2.9 percent year-over-year growth and captured 15.3 percent share as newer models came into play.

Meanwhile, the decline for traditional slate tablets continued as vendors were able to ship 26.8 million units, down 13.9 percent from the prior year, based on IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker.

“Chrome OS’entrance in the detachable market is really a welcome change as Google is finally a serious contender from a platform perspective,” said Jitesh Ubrani, Senior Research Analyst with IDC.

“Coupled with Microsoft’s efforts to perform Windows on an ARM, the detachable market is poised for strong growth in the near term,” he added.

Huawei grew 13 percent year-over-year, gained a lot more than 2 percent of share sequentially, and climbed back to the ranks of the most effective three.

Lenovo managed to grow 1.8 percent compared to the past year with a lot of the growth stemming from its detachable portfolio.

“ slipped into fifth place though this does not come as a surprise as the business’s tablet shipments are highly seasonal,” the report said.

source: NDTV


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