Petrol costs Rs 34 per litre before tax, dealer commission in NCR


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Petrol will cost only Rs 34.04 per cent per litre and diesel Rs 38.67/ per litre without taxes and dealer’s commission in the national capital region.

Giving subtleties of the costs of oil based commodities as on December 19 of every a composed answer to the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Finance Shiv Pratap Shukla said the occurrence of expenses and merchants commissions work out to be 96.9 percent if there should arise an occurrence of petroleum and 60.3 percent for diesel.

On December 19, the retail cost of petroleum was Rs 70.63 a liter. This included, Rs 17.98 focal extract obligation, Rs 15.02 state VAT and Rs 3.59 commission of merchant.

In the event of diesel, the retail cost was Rs 64.54 (focal extract obligation of Rs 13.83, state VAT of Rs 9.51 and merchant commission of Rs 2.53). Costs of oil and diesel, which are advertise decided, change on consistent schedule.

The costs of the fuel changes the nation over as states and Union Territories impose their own rate of VAT (esteem included duty).

In another answer, the clergyman said the Center gathered extract obligation of Rs 73,516.8 crore on petroleum and Rs 1.5 lakh crore on diesel amid the last monetary year. In initial a half year of the current financial, the accumulation remains at Rs 25,318.1 crore and Rs 46,548.8 crore for petroleum and diesel, individually.

The legislature had cut the extract obligation on fuel costs in October so as to handle expanding costs of oil and diesel.

The assessed loss of income to the focal government is about Rs 7,000 crore post the decrease in extract obligation on October 4 in the rest of the piece of the financial, the priest included.


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