Petrol price came down by Rs 70 in Delhi, diesel price was lower by Rs 64 per liter


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Fuel costs have likewise diminished on Monday. Because of the decrease in rough costs globally, this decrease in fuel costs has been seen for the fourth successive day. Petroleum and diesel has been less expensive by 18 to 23 paisa for every liter in all real metro urban areas of the nation. The cost of one liter of petroleum in the national capital has come down to Rs 70. With this revision, petroleum has achieved the dimension of Rs 69.86 per liter today. In the meantime, diesel in the capital has descended from Rs 64 and is moving at 63.83 rupees per liter.

Petroleum in the nation’s money related capital Mumbai is being sold less expensive by 21 paise to 75.48 rupees per liter. Diesel cost has diminished by 19 paise to 66.79 rupees per liter, while on Monday it was evaluated at Rs 66.98. Discussion about other metro urban communities, in Chennai and Kolkata, petroleum is being sold 22 paise to Rs 72.48 per liter, on Wednesday it was valued at Rs 72.70 per liter.

In Kolkata, petroleum is being sold by 20 paise a liter for Rs 71.96 a liter. While today diesel 18 paise is less expensive and it is moving at Rs 65.59 a liter. On the off chance that you talk about Noida, the oil here is sold at a cost of Rs 69.84 per liter, which was sold on Sunday at a cost of Rs 69.99 per liter. In the meantime, diesel in the city is being sold 14 paise to 63.27 rupees per liter. Aside from this, oil was sold at Rs 70.87 per liter in Patiala and diesel was estimated at Rs 63.89 per liter today.


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