Qualcomm says Apple $7 billion behind in royalty payments


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Qualcomm Inc said in a court hearing on Friday that Apple Inc is $7 billion behind in patent sovereignty installments to the versatile chip firm, which for quite a long time provided parts for the iPhone.

Apple and Qualcomm are engaged with an arrangement legitimate activities. Apple has blamed Qualcomm for uncalled for patent authorizing rehearses. Qualcomm, the world’s biggest cell phone chip provider, has thus blamed Apple for patent encroachment.

Qualcomm made its remarks about the span of Apple’s unpaid eminences in a consultation in one of the cases in government court in San Diego. Apple has debated the measure of sovereignties that it owes to Qualcomm.

Apple has contended that Qualcomm is compelling it to pay for similar licenses twice, when Apple utilizes Qualcomm’s chip in iPhones and afterward again through patent sovereignties. Qualcomm has contended that its practices are legitimate and that Apple is trying to crush Qualcomm’s plan of action in the wake of consenting to it for a considerable length of time.


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