RBI Freezes Bandhan Bank CEO’s Salary, Cancels Permission to Open New Branches


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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on of Bandhan Bank CEO and overseeing executive Chandrashekhar Ghosh for not conforming to the promoter shareholding standards.

Bandhan Bank likewise can’t open new branches without the controller’s authorization.

“RBI has imparted to us that since the Bank was not ready to cut down the shareholding of Non Operative Financial Holding Company (NOFHC) to 40 percent as required under the authorizing condition, general authorization to open new branches stands pulled back and the Bank can open branches with earlier endorsement of RBI and the compensation of the MD and CEO of the Bank stands solidified at the current level, till additionally see,” Bandhan Bank educated the stock trades.

The bank is finding a way to agree to the authorizing condition to cut down the shareholding of NOFHC in the Bank to 40 percent and will keep on connecting with RBI for this benefit, it included.

RBI’s permitting standards require a private division bank to cut down its promoter shareholding to 40 percent inside three years of tasks.

Beforehand a microfinance foundation, Bandhan Bank is one of the most youthful private area banks in India, finishing three years on August 23.

Bandhan went for a first sale of stock (IPO) in March this year, which brought about the promoter holding tumbling to 82.28 percent from 89.62 percent.

As of late, the bank bombed in finishing up converses with get PNB Housing Finance, which could have helped in cutting down the promoter holding.

In the interim, Axis Capital trusts this move by the RBI will affect Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMB) also.

According to RBI command, Uday Kotak needs to diminish its promoter stake in KMB to under 20 percent from existing 30 percent. According to the order, it needs to slice promoter holding to 20 percent of paid-up capital by December 31, 2018, and 15 percent by March 31, 2020.

Prior, the bank endeavored to decrease the promoter stake to under 20 percent by the issuance of never-ending inclination shares. RBI, nonetheless, did not support this. Kotak Mahindra Bank keeps on trusting that it met the prerequisite (with the PNCPS issuance) and will draw in with the RBI to determine this circumstance.

Pivot Capital, in a financial specialist note, stated, “We feel this (RBI limiting Bandhan Bank) will have a negative bearing on Kotak Bank too wherein the promoter shareholding should be purchased down to 20% (current 30%). The controller is by all accounts in no state of mind to give any elbowroom/unwinding to any bank and may take reformatory activities as well.”


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