Setting up a Pathology Lab: A Checklist for Doctors!


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Setting up a Pathology Lab: A Checklist for Doctors!

Pathology forms the basics of every medical disorder and chronic disease. Majority of the decisions related to a medical treatment is based on a pathology report. So setting up a pathology lab is very lucrative and promising. There are many doctors who have established a solid career by starting their own pathology laboratory. So if you are willing to start your own pathology lab, then keep these essentials in mind.

  • Start Planning as Early as Possible

The very first thing which you should be keeping in mind is to plan as early as possible. When you plan in advance, you get ample amount of time to check the options and resources that you have or which you will need in the future. Setting a pathology lab is not an easy task and it really needs a lot of work to be done.

So make sure you are aware of the different kinds of materials and resources you will need. Plan your source of capital, the location of the lab and the whole set up of the laboratory in a good manner.

  • Sufficient Capital For Investment

Sufficient capital is the most important thing which you will need to look after. Without ample capital, you will not be able to set up the sophisticated pathological lab. There are numerous costs involved in the setting up of the laboratory like buying or renting an area, different equipment, salary for the people working etc.

While setting up a lab many people cannot gather enough capital. One of the best ways by which you can get ample capital is a Doctor Loan. These loans are easily claimable if you have the right documents. You can check the various Doctor Loan Interest Rate provided by different agencies and choose the one which you seem to be the best.

  • Buying The Right Equipment

Your pathology lab will not be able to function without the correct medical equipment. Different equipment like USG machines, X-ray machines, CT-scan machines and heart monitors are very much essential in the pathology lab. Apart from these, there are other materials which also needs to be purchased. The service and benefits your patients get depend largely on the kind of equipment you have.

Buying so many medical equipment can be a very expensive affair. Therefore if you do not have sufficient funds, you can always opt for a medical equipment loan. It will help you get a significant amount of financial help with which you can set up your pathological lab.

  • Hire The Right Employees

Once you have focused on all the above points, you will need to hire the right employees who will work in your pathology lab. Since medical procedures and techniques are extremely specialised, make sure all the employees are professional and experienced in their work. Your staff will be an integral part of your lab, so hire members wisely.


As you hire employees you will need to pay them as well. So if you do not have sufficient funds to spare, you can choose a Doctor Loan. With the money you receive from the loan, you will be able to pay your employees the right way. 


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