Do not throw plastic bottles, use them for mobile recharge


The use of plastic in the country has increased a lot, which is having a bad effect on the environment. It has the most plastic bottle which is used at home and office. The Government of India has taken several steps to ban the use of plastic, keeping in mind that now the Indian Railways will give the benefit of free recharges to the passengers on bottle destruction. Indian Railways will provide free mobile recharge facility to those who will make the most use of plastic bottle-destroying machines. Let us tell you that on this Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed to the countrymen to reduce the use of plastic equivalent. At the same time, the railway has announced that from October 2, a plastic bottle will be used only once and it will not be used again.

Indian Railways Chief Officer VK Yadav has said that the railways will install more than 400 machines at all stations in the country to reduce the use of plastics. To avail this facility of Indian Railways, people have to enter their number in the machine and destroy the bottle.

After this, your mobile will be recharged. But so far no information has been received about how much will be recharged. Explain that till now Indian Railways have installed 160 machines at 128 stations. Apart from this, the railway has ordered employees to freeze and recycle plastic bottles.


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