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       Khoon se khelenge holi

       Agar Watan mushkil mein hain,

       Sarfaroshi ki tamanna,

       Ab humarey dil mein hain,

       Aao milkar kare desh ko salam

       Bolo mera bharat mahan


As we all know that India got its Independence on 15 Aug in 1947 by the efforts of Jawaharlal Nehru ,Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and many other social fighters . This year India will celebrate its 72nd Independence Day. The journey of India to achieve Independence is really a very tough struggle. It was our forefathers who had made it possible through their countless efforts and sacrifice. After Independence there are many  changes that took place in India. Many schemes were negotiated by the Government. But the concept of Digital India had made it all.  Digital India Programme was negotiated by PM Narendra Modi in order to give advanced facilities to every single part of the our India  including the Rural Sector. This virtual revolution is also known as ‘The Internet Economic System’. This revolution is expected to generate new marketplace increase possibilities of jobs and end up the most important enterprise possibility for groups within the subsequent 30 to 40 years.


After Independence we have a free country to live in but we are lacking in the field of Digitization,but with the efforts of our leaders many digital concepts started in our country and advancement at National level came .In earlier time  where we were only able to communicate with letters which took a longer period of time to reach its destination but due to Digital advancement E-mails came, from which we can easily and fastly change our thoughts and view with other persons and like this many concepts came and it is marked as the start of  DIGITAL REVOLUTION IN  INDIA.


The Digital Evolution in India is increasing day by day, at time now it is on its peak. The programme Digital India was started by PM Narendra Modi. His main motive to start this programme is to spread awareness of Digital Literacy and also to hook up the village areas or Rural Areas with high speed internet connection. This has lead to inclusive growth in areas of digital offerings, products, manufacturing, and other possible activities. Many other facilities were also started by the government like UPI Integration, BHIM app. The project Digital India give rise to online payment via Paytm.  All of them were working their best on the concept of Digital India and they had shown the necessity of digital framework to every single individual.

The concept is moving on a positive track. This has led to an increase in number of Internet Users and growth rate. The Jio also gave its contribution on this concept. With the help of Jio the 4G internet is also available in rural parts. Jio had also launch its mobile phones and internet connection at low prices so that every single individual can enjoy the Digital Concept.

Digital evolution can be seen everywhere whether it is educational sector or healthcare sector. This is the best project which the government has started which has so many facilities of paying money even by sitting at respective homes. If in such a less time the government had took India to an another level of digital growth then there will surely be high positive growth in upcoming years.


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