Let Us Know How to Download YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing


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If you’re travelling to a place with no Internet, it’s planning to be difficult to truly get your daily YouTube fix. That’s one of the many reasoned explanations why you may want to download YouTube videos. Once you download videos you can watch them at leisure without having to be concerned about your Internet connection. We will tell you how to download YouTube videos but there’s a disclaimer here.

This tutorial is supposed to greatly help people enjoy videos when they’re offline and not for copyright infringement. Please do not download videos if there isn’t the creators permission to complete so. If you’re sure that the creator won’t mind if you download and watch their videos, follow these steps.

How to download videos using YouTube app

YouTube enables you to download certain videos on Android and iOS.Follow these steps to download those videos.

  1. Open the YouTube app in your smartphone.
  2. Open any video on the app.
  3. Below the title you will see a Download button between Share and Add to.This can show up as long as the creator of the video allows downloads.
  4. Once you tap Download, the video will start downloading and you can watch it from the app once you want to.


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