Not possible to introduce ghost entries into Aadhaar database, says UIDAI


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The UIDAI said no administrator can make or refresh Aadhaar except if an individual gives biometrics subtle elements, exposing reports that Aadhaar programming was as a rule purportedly hacked. In an official explanation, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) focused on that its framework can’t be avoided while discrediting all proposals of its product and ID database being purportedly traded off.

Such claims “need substance and are unjustifiable”, it said. Alluding to a news report of Aadhaar enrolment programming being purportedly hacked, the UIDAI articulation guaranteed that “specific personal stakes are intentionally endeavoring to make perplexity in the psyches of individuals which is totally baseless”.

The UIDAI said that it coordinates all the biometric – 10 fingerprints and both iris – of an inhabitant selecting for Aadhaar with the biometrics of all Aadhaar holders before issuing an Aadhaar, thus the cases of bringing data into Aadhaar database were “totally unwarranted”. The Aadhaar-issuing body additionally said it has taken every single fundamental protect to guarantee finish security of occupants’ information running from full encryption at the season of catch to alter obstruction, and from physical and arrange security to stringent review instrument and observing.

“UIDAI additionally cleared up that no administrator can make or refresh Aadhaar except if occupant himself give his biometric,” the nodal body said and rattled off the stringent enrolment and updation methods taken after by it. “Along these lines it isn’t conceivable to bring phantom passages into Aadhaar database,” UIDAI explanation said.

Any administrator discovered abusing the stipulated procedures or enjoying fake or degenerate practices, is blocked and boycotted by the UIDAI, which likewise forces money related punishment up to Rs 1 lakh for every occasion. As on date more than 50,000 administrators have been boycotted, it said.

UIDAI has likewise prompted people in general to approach approved Aadhaar enrolment focuses in bank offices, post workplaces and Government workplaces to guarantee that the enrolment/updation is done just on approved machines.


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