Singapore tops in Internet speed, India is still behind: report


Speedtest company Ookla reported in the Speedtest Global Index report that mobile internet speed has increased by 21.4% worldwide. At the same time, broadband speed has increased by 37.4%. Despite this, internet speed in India is less than the world average. 16.3 percent year on year (YOY) growth in mobile usage was recorded in India. At the same time, the growth of fixed broadband in India was 28.5 percent.

Singapore topped in Internet Speed

Singapore ranked number one in terms of internet speed. The fixed broadband speed in Singapore registered a growth of 5.6%. In South Korea with a 5G network, mobile download speed increased by 165.9 percent.

Japan ranks first in Asia

Talking about internet speed in Asian countries, Japan topped in this matter. According to the report of Ookla, Japan recorded better than average mobile and fixed broadband speeds.

Less than the average speed in India, Pakistan

In South Asian countries, Internet speed in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan was less than the average. Talking about the rest of the countries, countries like Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam and Jordan have also proved to be laggards in terms of internet speed. Let us tell you that after the entry of Reliance Jio in the Indian telecom industry, the data prices have come down drastically. After the launch of cheap plans of Jio, India has joined the list of world’s most Internet countries.


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