Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg Join to work on New Education Initiative


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Tech moguls Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday they’ll form teams to help develop new methods for kids with trouble learning – an attempt which will include dabbling into child brain science.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative want to explore a number of potential pilot projects.

They’ll concentrate on math, writing and brain functions – key regions of classroom learning they note are crucial for academic success.

Your time and effort has become seeking information and ideas from across sectors, from education and academia to business, technology and medicine. Future investments centered on that information are expected, but no dollar amount has been set.

The proven fact that disadvantaged children struggle to understand as a result of poor executive brain function involving memory, thinking flexibility, and behavioural issues linked to autism and other attention disorders has for ages been lamented by social workers and health advocates.

The joint project by Gates and Zuckerberg details possible approaches to mitigate those shortcomings.

One of the ideas is using games and technology simulations to aid teachers and family, and tracking progress using vulnerable student populations such as kids with disabilities or those who find themselves learning English as a second language.

Leaders of your time and effort say technology is not really a primary focus, but they recognise the role it may play.

The brand new endeavour marks the newest effort by deep-pocketed philanthropists who have tried with little success and much controversy to alter entire school systems.

In some ways, it advances the reform agendas of the philanthropists, including helping low-performing students catch as much as their potentially more prosperous peers and using classroom technology for digital or personalised learning.

Gates, the world’s top philanthropist, recently announced more support for students with disabilities, issues involving American poverty and Alzheimer’s disease research.

Zuckerberg idolises Gates as an inspiration in professional and philanthropic work. But their representatives rejected any notion that their effort on learning is connected with their respective business roles as Facebook CEO and Microsoft founder.

Microsoft announced a $25 million (roughly Rs. 168 crores) initiative on Monday to use artificial intelligence to construct better technology for those who have disabilities.

Source: NDTV


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