India faced most IoT attacks in April-June, country’s cyber security is on verge


Since the deployment of the Internet of Things in India, the nation became one of the most vulnerable cyber attacked zones. According to a recent study on 28th February when there was a tensed atmosphere between India and the neighborhood country Pakistan, our nation faced the most cyber attacks.

In this first quarter of this year, India saw a massive 22% jump in cyber attacks in the Iot segment. Overall the world 13% of cybercrime raised during the first quarter. While India remains the most targeted nation after that, Singapore, UK, France were the others who faced a high number of attacks.

According to the study, around 15,000 new malware were found during the first quarter. The top target for hackers is smart cities, financial services, and transportation sector. Also, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangaluru are the most targeted cities.

Now, this is a major issue for the nation because the number of IoT devices are getting higher day by day. This can lead to big problems for the country.


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