No, Google Hangouts Is Not Shutting Down – It Is Transforming Into ‘Chat’ & ‘Meet’


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Rumor is, Google Hangouts, the instant messaging app which replaced Google Chat and Google+ messenger is now set to make its exit from the vast world of chatting platforms. Here’s how the scene unfolded:

A Brief History

It was 2005 when Google begun the informing application Google Chat or Google Talk which was before long pursued by Google+ flag-bearer. Google talk stage was one of the main generally refreshing texting applications and it helped set away the inconveniences of SMSing. Before sufficiently long, other unmistakable applications like Facebook and Whatsapp increased greater notoriety, and Google visit stages assumed a lower priority. Joints, a versatile application like the previously mentioned applications, was presented in 2013 supplanting the various visit stages.

Home bases Classic to close down in 2020?

As per a report distributed by 9to5Google, the Hangouts application, which was at that point losing notoriety, will close down at some point in 2020. Signs that the voyage of Hangouts has arrived at an end indicated when Google quit refreshing the application from about a year back.

The article cites, ‘As indicated by a source acquainted with the item’s inner guide, Google Hangouts for shoppers will close down at some point in 2020. That is not astonishing at all since Google basically stopped improvement on the application over a year back.’

Then again, Scott Johnson, Director of Product Management at Google, pummeled the news saying that the steadfast fanatics of Hangouts will be moved up to Hangouts Chat (group correspondence application) and Hangouts meet (video gatherings stage). He further proceeded to clarify in his tweet that Hangouts Classic, that is the present Hangouts application, is being closed down yet clients will be ‘moved’ to Chat and Meet.

Fate of Hangouts

Does this mean Hangouts won’t be accessible for us to use after 2020? By no means. In spite of the fact that Google has quit refreshing the application, Hangouts clients will before long have the capacity to get to their most loved application as it will be incorporated into Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Starting at now, these two applications are being utilized solely by G Suite Customers, yet Google expects to close down Hangouts exemplary simply after the fruitful movement of clients to Hangouts Chat and Meet.

In what capacity will we be influenced?

Home bases is genuinely an incredible application for individuals without PDAs and sim cards. Be that as it may, by and by, there is not really anybody without mobile phones and sim cards, along these lines, making the application very pointless. Likewise, the dedicated clients of Hangouts will even now have the capacity to utilize the application, however the progress date isn’t yet affirmed.


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