Beware, Indian Whatsapp users, the messaging app isn’t as safe as it claim!


If you are an Indian resident and use Whatsapp for sharing your personal and even private things over the app, then you must stop this right now! There may be a possibility that your Whatsapp is being controlled by a person who’s sitting thousands of miles away from you.

According to Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point, Whatsapp got a lot of vulnerabilities. And hackers can get into users Whatsapp and send messages to Group and personal contacts.

According to sources, WhatsApp has over 1.5 Billion users in over 180 countries. Also, they are officially 400 Million registered Indian users on the app. This makes India a prime target for spreading misinformation through WhatsApp.

The firm disclosed all the WhatsApp’s vulnerabilities in a cyber-security conference held in Las Vegas. The firm also reported these security issues to WhatsApp in 2018. Currently, there is three possible way of hacking into WhatApp which can play a vital role in fake news spreading.


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