Consumer App: Now Complaints ranging from e-commerce to insurance will solve in 60 days


There is good news for the consumers of the country. The Ministry of Food and Consumer has started ‘Consumer APP’ to address your complaint. Now any complaint related to any goods can be directly delivered to the Ministry through this app. In Delhi, Food and Consumer Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has launched ‘Consumer APP’. According to Paswan, by visiting this app, you can complain about problems related to 42 sectors. In this, you can complain about problems related to the banking sector, e-commerce, electronic items and insurance sector.

The Ministry claims that the problem of consumers coming through the APP will be resolved in at least 20 days and maximum of 60 days. At present, if any consumer had to make a complaint related to some goods, then you had to go to the consumer court, where it takes a long time to solve the problem. That’s why most people hesitate to go to the consumer court. Now through this app a common man can also lodge his complaint here, which is being claimed to be resolved within 60 days. However, the way to go to consumer court is still open for the people.

The ministry also claims that as soon as the consumer’s problem is resolved. He will be informed about it within 7 days. Not only this, the complaint will be closed only after the satisfaction of the consumer.


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