Hindi is becoming the preferred language of the Internet, 94 percent of users are connecting every year


Survey agency Statista had said in its report in the year 2018 that English dominates the Internet world. The English language has 10 million websites and 53 percent of people worldwide use English on the Internet. Chinese presence in the world is only 16% on the Internet, while the number of Chinese speakers is 1.3 billion, but Statista claims are now being proved wrong. One thing you also know is that no language in the world can take the place of mother tongue and the same situation is with Hindi also.

If you are also Hindi speaking, then let me tell you that your Hindi is moving very fast on the Internet. You can guess the popularity of Hindi on the Internet with the same fact that the number of people studying Hindi on the Internet is increasing by 94 percent every year.

If we consider the survey report of Google-KPMG Research, Census India and IRS, then in the year 2021, Internet users in Hindi will be more than Internet users in English. According to an estimate, 20.1 million people will start using Hindi. According to Google, content readers in Hindi are increasing by 94% every year, compared to 17% in English.

Amazon India has recently launched its app in Hindi. Platforms like OLX, Quikr are already available in Hindi. Snapdeal has also arrived in Hindi. By 2021, 8.1 crore people will start using Hindi for digital payment. Whereas in 2016 the number was 2.2 crores.

As of 2016, 2.4 crore people used Hindi for government work, which will increase to 9.4 crores in 2021. In 2016, the number of people reading Hindi news in digital medium was 5.5 crore. Which is estimated to increase to 14.4 crore in 2021.


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