Meet the man who invented solar mosquito trapper


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At the point when Mathews K Mathews from Kottayam locale in Kerala imagined a sunlight based mosquito trapper-cum-destroyer in 2000, it was the consequence of long stretches of experimentation. Presently, his development — known as Hawker — is a savvy method for disposing of mosquitoes.

Growing up among elastic manors, Mathews had seen exactly how enormous a danger mosquitoes truly are. Excited about freeing the universe of this illness causing danger, he started chipping away at a non-harmful arrangement. As indicated by Rediff, he stated,

This financially savvy and eco-accommodating item can be introduced anyplace; it doesn’t utilize any synthetic to obliterate the mosquitoes and flies dissimilar to other mosquito anti-agents which emanate gases that could cause asthma and lung growth.

The official declaration on the National Innovation Foundation site says that this gadget makes utilization of the scent from septic tanks to pull in mosquitoes. Once the mosquitoes get caught, the warmth developed inside the gadget because of direct daylight kills them. It tends to be introduced close septic tanks which will then trap and slaughter mosquitoes straightforwardly at their reproducing grounds. It gauges 25 cm × 20 cm × 25 cm and weighs around 1.5 kg.

Mathews hails from a ranch family, with his predecessors having developed elastic, espresso, coconut, pepper, and other money crops. Amid his youth days, he invested a lot of energy catching and playing with rodents and flies. Not long after his graduation, he spent over 10 years building up an item that traps and slaughters mosquitoes. He likewise holds a critical assignment at Kine Technologies and Research India, based out of Kottayam, the main city in India to be chosen by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India for change into an eco-city.


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