Twitter co-founder Invested in a Startup AI powered chatbot


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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has dedicated to a Delhi-based Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot “Visit” which will be the brainchild of students from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani in Rajasthan.

Started in 2016 by Anurag Prasad, Vaibhav Singh, Shashvat Tripathi and Chetan Anand, “Visit” is definitely an AI-powered chatbot for health advice learning from, and assisting, existing doctors.

“People talk with the’Visit’chatbot by sharing some symptoms. The bot follows up with relevant questions to gather more symptoms and risk factors (is anyone hypertensive, diabetic, a smoker). This triaging is conversational and low stress,” Stone wrote in a post on Medium on Sunday.

“Visit” plans to democratise healthcare by shrinking the shortage of doctors using AI.

“In India, for each and every doctor you will find 2,000 patients arranged in-clinics – waiting for hours.

“Option of quality health advice is definitely an overwhelming problem in a nation with over 200 million people affected by lifestyle problems like stress, chronic conditions, obesity, skin conditions, and more. This is where in actuality the technology approach by aVisit’comes in,” Stone informed.

“Visit” chats conclude with patients being more educated about possible conditions, symptoms, and treatments.

The chatbot is trained using over 20,000 probabilistic relationships between variables such as conditions, symptoms, risk factors, past history and more.

Once a probable medical condition is determined, “Visit” connects the patient to one of over 2,000 health specialists all across India via video, phone or chat so the right treatment can be put in place.

“Nonetheless it doesn’t end there. People can stay in touch with their practitioner over chat for follow-up. The objective is not to restore the physician but to help practitioners in a assistive way by regular patient check-ins and reminders related with their care plan,” Stone noted.

“Buying Visit is my small means of contributing to the next where AI is observed as a confident enhancement of humanity that really does improve lives,” he added.

source: ndtv


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