8 Key Technologies in the Latest Washing Machines


A washing machine is an important part of every household. The concept of washing machines originated in the eighteenth century. There has been a significant improvement in the quality and functionality of washing machines since then. New and improved technologies have made it possible.

From semi-automatic to fully automatic, from top loaders to front loaders, there has been a gradual improvement in the washing machine technologies.

There is a huge demand for washing machines in India. Big brands like LG, Haier and Lloyd, are manufacturing smart washing machines with the latest technologies.

Read on to know the latest washing machine technologies!

  • 6 Motion DD technology and Wave Motion

Washing machine manufacturers have come up with various technologies for wash motions. One of them is 6 Motion DD technology introduced by LG. This technology provides optimized motion combination for each fabric type. Premium range of LG washing machines possesses 6-motion technology that has a capacity to replicate 6 wash motions.

  • Built-in Heaters

Built-in heaters are an essential feature of the latest washing machines available in the market. Premium front load machines have ceramic heaters to prevent the build-up of the stubborn calcium compound. The ceramic heaters also help in less energy consumption.

  • VRT+ and Antivibration technology

While using a washing machine, you usually face vibration and whirring problems. Washing machine manufacturers have come up with VRT+ technology to solve it and give you quieter washers. VRT+ stands for Vibration Reduction Technology Plus. This technology tries to keep the noise level at the lowest and washer balance stable.

Another technology called Antivibration technology mitigates vibrations occurring during the spin cycle. This technology counteracts the vibrations by incorporating high-tech sensors. These sensors uphold the load stability by regulating the drum motion.

  • Soak Wash technology

Washing machine brands have developed soaking technologies for doing the soaking task. Bubble soak, Super soak and Soak wash are some soaking techniques in Indian washing machines. The soak wash technology assists in keeping off tough stains by soaking the clothes in a detergent solution before washing begins. Most of the latest Lloyd washing machines are equipped with the soak wash technology.

  • Double Drive technology

Double drive technology is a washing machine technology that causes the pulsator and drum to rotate at the same time but in the opposite direction. Haier washing machines are equipped with this technology to ensure complete and uniform cleaning.

  • Aqua Energie technology

The hard water problem is common in many places in India. It is hard to wash clothes using hard water in a washing machine. To tackle this problem, many brands have introduced hard water treatment technology in their latest models.

Aqua Energie technology converts hard water into a soft one. Other brands manufacture washing machines capable of adjusting their performance according to the hardness of the water.

  • Digital Inverter technology

With technological innovation, manufacturers have now designed newer washing machine models with digital inverter technology. This technology helps the motor to detect the amount of load and operate at the best speed.

With this technology, motors are capable of running at a variable speed according to the load. This makes the washing machines more energy efficient with lesser noise.

  • Smart Control using Apps and Sensors

Washing machines have also become smarter, like televisions and mobile phones. With smart apps and sensors, you can control your washing machine using a mobile application. There are various WiFi-enabled washing machines available in the market. With the help of an app on your smartphone, you can control and identify the status of your washing machine on the smartphone itself.

Now that you know the latest technological innovations in washing machines, you can choose the perfect one for yourself. Washing machines are essential in today’s world. Technological innovations have made them a blessing but also a luxury. Technologically advanced washing machines are not as cheaply priced as simple washing machines. As such, you might find it hard to buy the latest one in a single payment.

You can still buy your desired washing machine with the help of the No Cost EMI facility provided by Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. It allows you to pay the cost of your washing machine in monthly instalments without any extra charges.


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