An updated version of Google Maps will launch with the AR navigation feature


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Google I / O, organized in the year 2018, gave information about Augmented Reality (AR). During this time it was told how Google Maps would support AR. Through this new feature, it has come to know how users will be able to use Maps through the camera. In a demo, how is the advanced navigation system navigating users and businesses through direct or pop-up?

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the new feature is not very different from the old version, which was shown in Google’s May 2018 developer conference. In the new feature, the information on Real-World Surroundings on half the screen and half will be given. Maps Designer Rachel Inman says that this app has been designed so that users can access it more and find new places.

During the Google I / O conference last year, the company had said that the match feature in Google Maps will show the matches of the place according to your choice. This feature will work on machine learning. Shortlists of your favorite places will be able to do with your friends. A real-time voting tax will be the choice of place. This feature will be available this year.

Opening the camera will allow you to see the surrounding places and paths. As an example – we remember any places or banners or shops etc. to remember any place or road. In the same way, Google will remember the visual things with the help of this system.


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