Fully committed to make the payment to Ericsson: Reliance Communication


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Anil Ambani owned Reliance Communication today said that it remained “completely dedicated” to make the installment to Ericsson from the returns of the Spectrum deal.

“RCom has made every required walk towards empowering the settlement and remains completely dedicated to making the installment to Ericsson from the returns of the range deal,” the organization said.

It said that it is profoundly lamentable that Ericsson India Private Limited (Ericsson), an operational unbound loan boss, is endeavoring a preliminary by media and sensationalizing issues, as prove in ongoing media reports.

The ongoing scorn request of documented by Ericsson, as alluded in media reports a week ago, has not been served on RCOM as of date, but then Ericsson is generally having the equivalent with media and contorting issues.

“Obviously, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has not by any means considered the issue till date,” Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM) representative said.

“The Department of Telecom (DoT) endorsement is pending since August 7, 2018, for which RCom has moved a hatred request of against DoT under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court which is recorded on Monday, January 7, 2019,” RCom representative further said.

Ericsson’s direct as an unbound leaser gravely imperils and is at the expense of anchored moneylenders involving 38 banks/anchored loan bosses including 17 open part banks and 13 outside banks

This announcement comes after PTI detailed that Ericsson India moved the Supreme Court looking for commencement of hatred procedures for the second time against Anil Ambani for supposedly not following its request to clear levy of Rs 550 crore.


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