Google is planning to bring more ‘India First’ features for Indian audience


Recently, in June 2019 Google introduced “Stay Safer’ feature in his Maps service. This new feature is rolled out only for the Indian users. This is designed for the people who take Taxi’s and auto-rickshaw for daily life traveling. This feature is going to help them avoid long routes.

This is not the only thing. Previously, in 2014, Google came up with “Voice Search” which let’s not only English but also, the Hindi speakers to search the web with the web. Now, Google is focusing more on vernacular languages. That’s why they now made Google Assistant understand user command in 28 regional languages.

It is expected that focusing on vernacular will bring more people on the Internet. Those Indian’s who are not very much familiar with English can now surf the internet in their language.

According to some reports by 2020, India will see 650 million Internet users. Also, right now India is the second biggest digital market in the world. Everyone wants to dig their foundation in this Indian internet market. Tech giant Google is in the top of the list.


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