India may become the second largest smartphone market: Xiaomi’s Raghu Reddy


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India may become the second biggest cell phone offering country on the world if the sales keep on growing at the present pace, head of classification and online offers of Xiaomi India.

Cell phone deals in 2017 developed around10 % in the country in 2017. “India could overtake the US showcase and become the second biggest cell phone advertise all inclusive after China at this rate of growth,” Reddy said including that right now the development is going on in the Rs 10,000 to 20,000 price range.

Xiaomi, he said, is as of now the biggest offering cell phone in the country with a development of more than 300 % in 2017. It currently has a market share of over 30% including online and offline sales. ” We have been the best cell phone player in the country for the last 75% since September 2017,” he said at a capacity to dispatch its most recent Redmi Y2 models in the state. Xiaomi, he said, has 60% offer in the online cell phone deals.

The organization has increase its production facilities in the ongoing circumstances in the country and now has six production facilities over Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. Presently the printed circuit board get together (PCBA) utilized as a part of cell phone, which represents half of the estimation of the telephone, will be made in India.


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