Signalchip launches India’s first semiconductor chips for 4G/LTE and 5G NR modems


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Bengaluru-based fab-less semiconductor organization has declared the dispatch of India’s first semiconductor chips for 4G/LTE and 5G NR modems within the sight of Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan.

Naming the dispatch of the Chip as colossally huge, Sundarajan said that India is simply breaking into the first class club of the world and this will have gigantic ramifications for India’s information security and information sway, other than the positive monetary ramifications.

She educated that at present just 8 organizations and a couple of nations can structure and construct semiconductor chips and dispatch of Indigenous Chip is in a genuine sense Make in India for the World.

The organization propelled four chips as a feature of its SCBM34XX and SCRF34XX/45XX arrangement, code-named ‘Agumbe’.

The four chips incorporate SCBM3412 (single chip 4G/LTE modem), SCBM3404 (single chip 4X4 LTE), SCRF3402 (2X2 handset for LTE) and SCRF4502 (2X2 handset for 5G NR gauges).

The RF areas spread all LTE/5G-NR groups up to 6GHz. These chips additionally bolster situating utilizing India’s own satellite route framework, NAVIC.

Himanshu Khasnis, Founder and CEO of Signal chip stated, “Presently in India, all gadgets and framework, regardless of whether imported or locally made, utilize imported silicon chips. Silicon chip configuration is an extremely difficult movement requiring mind-boggling expense R&D, profound skill and authority of various complex spaces. Henceforth, this innovation isn’t accessible in many nations. Given that remote correspondence is vital to practically all financial, vital and household exercises happening today, the capacity to indigenously plan and create silicon chips is indispensable for the security and thriving of our nation.”

The Agumbe arrangement expands upon SCRF1401 which was evidently India’s first RF handset chip for elite remote benchmarks like 3G/4G and WiFi, made by Signalchip in 2015.


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