Sony teased its 5G prototype Smartphone at MWC 2019


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As indicated by sources 5G and foldable telephones were all the rage at the current year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with about each major Smartphone maker reporting extravagant, cutting edge items. Sony made them intrigue Smartphone dispatches as well however a foldable telephone was absent and there wasn’t much discussion about a 5G telephone at its keynote either. Be that as it may, the organization had a 5G model Xperia telephone in plain view at its corner, just as Qualcomm’s stall.

The gadget was apparently appeared at the corners of the two organizations at MWC 2019, yet it was in a packaging so participants couldn’t get their hands on it. From the front, the 5G Xperia seems to be like the Xperia 1, with the equivalent ultra-tall 21:9 Cinema Wide showcase. Given the way that it was additionally observed at Qualcomm’s corner, it bodes well that it’s running on the Snapdragon 855 portable stage, with the X50 5G modem.

Innovation site Pocket-build up reports that the telephone is presently just known by its inside name ‘AG-1′ and is anything but a business gadget, as it’s just being utilized for system and experience testing with key clients, as advised to them by a Sony delegate. The model unit was additionally a 5mm wave item, notwithstanding supporting the sub-6GHz band. Adam Marsh from Sony’s worldwide correspondences group said “right now, from a rollout perspective, 5G simply isn’t there. In 4G, you can in any case get more speed in a larger number of spots than 5G, right now’.


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