WhatsApp Tips: Activate this feature of Whatsapp, it will automatically type your message


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Various features have propelled on Whatsapp and a lot more highlights will come for the current year. In any case, there are numerous features of whatsapp, which are available on the application however not very many individuals know or use it. With this element of WhatsApp you won’t need to type any message, yet rather you can simply send your message by managing it. This element of whatsapp can type your verbally expressed message.

You need to physically mount the mic catch for this. This feature of Whatsapp is accessible for both Android and iOS stages. This component as of now exists in Google Assistant and Serie. In the meantime, these highlights additionally exist in vitate way. So given us a chance to reveal to you that how you can utilize this component.

To utilize this component, you initially need to go to the Whatsapp and tap on a visit. You go to any visit here and snap to type the message you will see a comma (,) catch. To enact this component you need to hold the trance like state catch. After this you will se mic on the whatsApp.

Presently, the message you need to send dectate it and the message itself will be composed naturally. When your message is composed, you can send it to the client. Give us a chance to disclose to you that you can alter this message before sending it. In any case, for that you need to type. These highlights will be increasingly advantageous for the individuals who type long messages.


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