5 special features of Reliance JioFiber, you hardly know


Reliance is offering many smart home solutions to JioFiber users with high-speed internet. In the welcome offer to Jio Fiber users, Free TV, Jio 4K is also offering set-top boxes and many other services. Jio fiber connection has started reaching the users and now other services coming with it are also being gradually learned. The company had told about some special services and benefits during its promotion, but here we are telling you about 5 such services related to Jio Fiber Connection, which you will not know about.

Live wi-fi mesh

Jio Wi-Fi Mesh strengthens the Wi-Fi signal of Jio Fiber in subscribers’ home. Mesh technology allows signal repeaters to extend the Wi-Fi signal to maximum parameters. Jio Fiber is making it available under the Jio Wi-Fi mesh feature. With the help of this feature, subscribers get high-quality Wi-Fi signal in all corners of the house so that they can enjoy video streaming and high-speed gaming without interruption.

Wi-Fi ID for guests

This feature that is available with the Jio Fiber connection is also very special. Many times, guests visiting the house ask for a Wi-Fi password. Most users have hesitated to share their password. Jio has given this special feature to protect these users from this problem. Jio Fiber users will be able to give Wi-Fi access to the guests at home and that too without sharing the password. Users can create a different temporary ID password for their guests.

Easy data sharing with local devices

Users using the same network of Jio Fiber can access centralized data through their smartphones. For this, they will need Jio Home Apps. Through this network, users living in a house can easily share photos, videos etc. with each other. Not only this, users can also access the files contained in it through Jio Home app by connecting their hard drive to Jio Home Gateway setup or router. Its biggest advantage is that it can get rid of the hard drive by repeatedly connecting it to a laptop or computer.

Gaming control from smartphones

Jio Fiber is providing fast gaming experience to users. The company also mentioned it in the annual meeting held on August 12 and said that it is going to give users a latency-free gaming experience. Jio has tied up with popular game developers for great gaming. The company is also offering many other features to give users the next level gaming experience. The Jio Fiber connection supports all popular gaming controllers. At the same time, if you are playing a game whose controller does not come with geo fiber support, then there is nothing to worry as users can play such games through virtual controller in their smartphone.

Smartphone or Landline Intercom

This feature of Jio Fiber is also being liked by the users. Its special thing is that it keeps your house connected to the reception or security of the society. Home If you want to talk to the security guard or reception immediately without losing time, then you can use your smartphone or landline as an intercom through Jio Fiber connection.


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