Here’s how to get Rs 400 cashback on Rs 399 Airtel recharge


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Airtel is presently offering a cashback of Rs 400 to prepaid clients who energize with its Rs 399 arrangement. Basically, this should mean you’re getting a cashback of an entire 100 percent. All things considered, not by any stretch of the imagination.

That is on the grounds that there’s a trick. What’s more, as usual, you have to peruse the fine print to know everything. The aggregate cashback of Rs 400 is accessible as eight vouchers of Rs 50 each. While that doesn’t sound too awful, you can just reclaim one voucher at any given moment once you revive with Rs 399.

This implies each time you energize with the telco’s Rs 399 month to month plan, a cashback voucher of Rs 50 is naturally connected before the installment, bringing the aggregate installment of the arrangement to Rs 349. Along these lines, you can do a similar thing (reviving with Rs 399 arrangement and getting the Rs 50 voucher) seven more occasions, in this way getting the aggregate cashback of Rs 400.


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