Stop using Aadhaar eKYC for verifying users, giving new sims: Govt to telcos


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The government Friday requested telecom organizations to quit utilizing Aadhaar for electronic check of existing cell phone clients and in addition for issuing new associations with conform to an ongoing Supreme Court arrange.

The peak court had a month ago in a milestone decision limited the utilization of Aadhaar by private elements without a legitimate arrangement. To agree to the request, the Department of Telecom (DoT) Friday issued itemized guidelines to telecom organizations on ceasing the utilization of Aadhaar-based electronic-know your client (e-KYC) and report consistence by November 5. Aadhaar e-KYC can’t be utilized for checking existing clients and giving new SIM associations, the DoT said in a three-page roundabout.

Likewise, it allowed the utilization of physical Aadhaar card for giving new associations, gave the client intentionally offers it. “In consistence to the judgment of the Supreme Court, all licencees are to stop the utilization of Aadhaar eKYC administration of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) both for confirmation and in addition for issuing new versatile associations,” the Telecom Department said in the round. All telecom specialist organizations will guarantee its usage the nation over in a period bound way and consistence in such manner is required to be put together by November 5, 2018, it said. The DoT noticed that the business had recommended an other advanced process for KYC of portable endorsers which involves Customer Acquisition Forms to be implanted with live photograph of the supporter and examined pictures of confirmation of character and evidence of location, in this manner digitizing the conclusion to-end process for onboarding of new versatile supporters and making it paperless.

Likewise, all telecom specialist co-ops have been solicited by DoT to guarantee preparation from their frameworks and offer the evidence of idea of the proposed advanced process by November 5 for approval.”Consequently, guidelines issued including….Dated 16.08.2016 and resulting follow up requests identified with Aadhaar based eKYC process will stand pulled back. In the interim, this procedure can be executed temporarily by all telecom specialist organizations. Any adjustment which might be required in this procedure by the Government will be done inside a time of 30 days,” it said. The Telecom Department said the administrators can utilize physical Aadhaar card in disconnected mode for giving new associations if the client gives it intentionally.

“The licencees may acknowledge the duplicate of physical Aadhaar or eAadhaar letter having veiled or exposed Aadhaar number (As dowloaded from UIDAI site) as verification of personality or evidence of location record, whenever offered deliberately by the endorser, according to the methodology recommended for issuance of new versatile connections…,” it said. The DoT said its past guidelines on allowing utilization of eAadhaar as evidence of character or deliver subject to online confirmation from UIDAI likewise “stands pulled back”. What’s more, the DoT said “the licencee will likewise erase the segment of composing Aadhaar number (which was discretionary section) on client procurement frames for issuing the new versatile associations.”


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